March 17, 2009

Monday and Tuesday on Wednesday

I made sure not to eat anything today so I wouldn't get even more behind on my food blogging.

Wait, what? Yeah, even I don't believe me. I had leftovers, y'all. If you ever believe me when I tell you I didn't eat, check the dictionary cuz your picture be listed next to "Dummy McDoo-Doo Pants." And then sit in the corner for trying to find that in the dictionary. Everyone knows you can only look up one word at a time in a dictionary! Pfft.

So here's a few nuggets of nosh from the past two days that want sharing.

I had Jamba oats again on Monday! I heart oatmeal for a buck.

To round out my Jamba oats experiences, I had to get the apple cinnamon topping this time. I skipped the brown sugar, though. I'm sweet enough. :D The dark swirl in the picture is actually a wee hunk of neglected Vosges chocolate from the office (Naga bar! As in, 'naga' put brown sugar in my oats today, homes. Try again.). I liked this topping a lot, even the bites I had pre-chocolate, but I'll just stick with plain nanners from now on if I get oats from Jamba Juice again. But WITH the brown sugar since that topping's just raw fruit! Ruh roh, who slipped me the crazy sauce?!

Holla back at my girl Allison from Clif for furnishing Monday's snack of half a Clif Builder Vanilla Almond bar.

Momma like! A little much in the calorie-dense department (270 calories = 1 whole bar) for my usual snack quota, which is why I just had half plus some grapefruit sections on the side. As far as hardcore protein bars go, however, this one blew the others I've tried out of the water. Plus it's made of good (largely organic) stuff and not scary chemicals. Way to get specific, yeah! It had the typical oatey-ricey center typical to most Clif and Luna bars, but a with a thin layer of dense proteiny goo on top, and it was covered all around with a white chocolate-ish substance. Oh and there were actual almonds in there! Bonus! I would buy this one for reals.

For dinner, I was getting hangry while waiting to finish my laundry before eating, so I busted my One Lucky Duck raw Quackers wide open (thank you yet again, Melissa!). The sample included both the Cheesey and the Rosemary flavors. Holy Bob, they are so good! They taste like they're made mostly of almonds (?).

I couldn't decide which flavor I liked better! The Cheesey ones tasted like cheddar + chili powder, and the Rosemary ones tasted like...rosemary.


So I crumbled the rest on top of dinn, which was a repurposing of a defrosted and chopped disaster pepper over some French cut green beans. I think Martha woulda been proud, despite leading me astray with that recipe initially.

Take it and like it, Martha. It's a f#$%ing good thing.

Looking at this picture of Tuesday dinn, I'm thinking HEAB is like, officially my menu planner at this point, because most of what she eats ends up on my plate eventually as well. Voila these teriyaki peanut butter beans.

Ok, so at the end of the day, what I made doesn't so much resemble her chickpeas after all my substitutions, but the inspiration definitely came from HEAB. It would have been made of chickpeas, had I not already opened the can of butter beans when I realized I had the wrong can in my hand. I almost opened the chickpeas anyway, in order to stay true to the recipe idea, but then I figured what-the-hey, at least this gives me the double meaning of peanut butter beans. That's blogworthy right there.

To make my version of this dish, I marinated the butter beans in 1/4 cup sweet ginger BBQ sauce overnight. When I was ready to eat, I heated the mixture in a skillet on the stovetop, along with a tbsp of peanut butter, a couple shakes of red pepper flakes, and some chopped spinach for green factor (cuz it was St. Patricks Day!). I stirred it all over low heat 'til it had simmered together and cooked down a bit. Then I poured half over some steamed cauliflower that I mushed up with a splash of moo juice. I decided it needed a sprinkle of coconut and some wasabi sesame seeds for more green on top. I also decided that it was an excellent evening for watching Waking Ned Devine! ::Irish jiggity jiggity jig::

I wanted ice cream for dessert, but having none in the house, I had to get a little creative. And it had to be green too, of course. With the blender and some patience, I made this bowl of delicious:

I blended 70g frozen mango cubes, 25g frozen spinach, 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk and 5 ice cubes for like, a bajillion years until the chunks were gone. Yeah, I so fail at using the blender, but it came out well in the end, so booyah for that. Booyah also for the sweet little Double Chocolate Mint Champion Chip cookie on top from Newman's Organics. It went with the green "ice cream" in spirit, so it was necessary. :)

And what day is complete without chocolate? I cracked open an Espresso Dark Chocolate bar, also from Newman's Organics.

The chocolate itself is nice and smooth, but with that satisfying coffee bean grit that I like. Maybe not the best flavor choice at 10pm, but you too would crack eventually if you had a crate full of snacks like this staring you in the face! Chocolate and I go way back, so I had to honor the crave and let you know what's what.

I'm a couple grapes short of a fruit salad tonight, that's what! See you tomorrow in 'real' time, fo' shizz.

(Hope you've had a chance to enter my $20 Mix My Granola gift certificate giveaway by now!)


Becca said...

Those quackers are way addictive. My first nibbles I wasn't so sure about them but then I was like you and couldn't figure out which I liked better...and now they are all gone :(

One Gillian Reasons said...

And I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with Jamba's oatmeal. I have had it for 15 days straight for breakfast. My coworkers think Im addicted - but how can you beat deliciousness for $1.08? Not sure what Im going to do when April rolls around...

lesley said...

Great improve dessert, I'm impressed ... it's very pretty and green, too! ; )

lesley said...

*I meant improv ; ) lol.

Sarah W. said...

I LOVE clif builders bars!! they are nutritionally dense, but they have the SAME cals as a regular clif bar, but MORE protein and Less carbs!!! a win win situation if you ask me :) I will be buying builders bars way more than the clif bars :)

Denise said...

I can't find the recipe from that link for the peanut butter beans....they sound great!

Dori said...

Those Vanilla Almond bars are great - so glad you like!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Yum, yum, and more yum! First off, I know I always say I'm jealous of all your NYC eateries, but Nashville does not even have a freaking Jamba Juice! We're so behind. :(

Take it and like it, Martha. It's a f#$%ing good thing. - Ha! Totally made my day!

Butter beans - looked delicious! I've been thinking of trying the recipe with black beans myself. Black beans and PB? You think it would work?

Your ice-cream with that chocolate chip mint cookie...brilliant way to satisfy your sweet tooth craving! Loved it. Oh, and way to be patient with your blender...I always end up with chunks!

Diana said...

HEAB, definitely try the black beans with PB and let us know how it goes. I'll only eat it after you do it first. ;)

Missy said...

Newman's Own always comes to the rescue when you need something sweet! That chocolate is the best! Can't wait for some gym action with you!

Anonymous said...

:) I never would have believed you, girl. Esp since I know you plan all your meals and snacks for the week. Mayjuh organization.
That is such a manly bar. I'm glad you tackled it!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha, you made spinach ice cream!!!!! i think i'm going to have toput that on my list ...