March 23, 2009

It's All About You*

*And by you, I mean me**, of course.

**And by me, I mean YouBars and YouShakes.

Unpictured in my loot last night was a lovely package from the nice folks at YouBar, which is a company whose premise I love. Much like Mix My Granola, they allow you to fully customize their product, which in this case is nutrition bars and protein shakes. Considering how many "nutrition" products we see with weird and wacky ingredients that don't belong in our bodies, it's about time we were offered the option of being in control of what goes into those bars and protein supplements.

This morning, I refueled with one of my YouShakes after having my butt kicked (30 times x 4 circuits) by Jillian Michaels. I chose the Breakfast Shake for my first sample. You can (hopefully) read the nutrition stats in the photo below. The ingredients are just Whey Protein, Organic Cane Juice, Egg White Protein, Organic Bananas and Cocoa.

I stayed boring and shook it up with just water because I wanted to be sure I was really tasting just the YouShake itself, and it was just as good or better as any other protein supplement I've ever experimented with. It tasted like real food (as much as a powdered version can), and there were even a few dried banana bits that weren't quite ground into dust, which was a fun surprise.

I have a new love, and it's You. ;)

For REAL breakfast on my way to work, I took advantage of dollar oats at Jamba Juice one more time (only a week left of this deal!) and got a cup with bananas only. Turns out this is a popular deal, understandably, and I was lucky enough to get the last serving of the batch! The cashier yelled this out to the long line of people behind me, which included one of my coworkers. Whoopsie daisy!

Now that I've had Jamba's oats 4x, I have found my favorite way to enjoy them (just in time for the dollar deal to end!). I stirred in the bananas along with 2 tbsp of chocolate PB2 that I brought from home, and it was baby-bear-just-right.

I could get a little bit too used to not lifting a finger to feed myself on Mondays because if you ask me, anything I can (not) do to make the first day of the work week a little easier is just as well. And since one of my colleagues has been raving about a certain grilled zucchini sandwich from Tarallucci e Vino, I figured that today's lunch was as good an opportunity as any to give it a try.

I'm pretty sure I could eat this sandwich every day for the rest of my life and be happy. The foremost adjective to describe it would be buttery, and not because it was greasy, but because it was perfect and smooth and light yet rich but soft though crunchy and dang it I've ruined the description by using more adjectives other than buttery. Let's put it this way: if you love zucchini, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and garlic, this is your sandwich.

One of my other coworkers just returned from Spain, so for dessert, I had this lovely chocolate that he brought from Valencia. Secret ingredient? Pop Rocks! Or whatever it is that pops and fizzes when it hits your tongue and makes it seem like your ears have suddenly become speakers that are broadcasting the sizzling noise on your tongue.

If my next blog post comes from a hospital room, telling you my stomach has exploded, I guess you'll know whether or not I chased this candy with Pepsi. ;)

In the meantime, I broke out another YouBar sample for my afternoon snack, this time their Great Date with Chocolate bar. It was stickier than Bernie Madoff's fingers (ZING!), but I loved it - tasted something like brownie batter.

Great nutritionals too:

Ingredients: Dates, Whey Protein, Honey, Cocoa

Serving Size: 1 bar (50g). Total Fat: 1.5g; Sodium: 15mg; Total Carb: 31g; Fiber: 4g; Sugars, 24g; Protein: 8g; Calcium: 35%!

And the beauty of YouBar is knowing that if you don't like those stats/ingredients, you can just go online and change them until you do!

I think I mentioned last night that acquiring more bars was perhaps not the most practical idea (especially in light of my YouBar delivery), and case in point, my bar bag overfloweth:

Granted, that is just one of those tiny bags from Sephora, but I never dreamed that I'd have so many bars between what I bought and the samples I receive that I'd barely be able to see what I have at all! Oh well, nothing wrong with being prepared for a hungry-rage blackout at the office.

In case I was afraid of drowning in a snack bar-rut, I needn't have been scared, because maybe I got another package today:

Almonds are indeed awesome, and I am grateful to Dr. Lankin for sharing the awesomeness with me in three different flavors a dozen times over. Look out for these lil guys making cameos in many meals to come. :)

Since I hadn't yet actually prepared any of my own food once dinner time rolled around, I figured, why start now? and heated up the other half of my entree from last night's dinner at Spasi in Danbury, plus a little asparagus for extra volume.

Still Italian and therefore still delicious.

For a last bit of something sweet, I sprinted to the microwave during the first commercial break of Gossip Girl and heated up my latest obsession: PB Puffins in vanilla soymilk. Yeah, it's just cereal for dessert, but when you microwave Puffins in milk, they soak it up, dissolve, and after a few minutes of sitting, you have a glorious Puffin porridge.

Yes, that's a peanut butter Newman O's crumbled on top. I don't mess around when it comes to dessert. Go rich or go fish.

But just in case the big Tastemaker in the sky hasn't blessed you with much of a sweet tooth, Missy is hosting a Michael Season's giveaway, and those snacks look mighty tasty, even to a sweet tart like me.

P.S. Is it just me and the roomie, or does Gossip Girl kind of suck right now?


domifc said...

First-time commenter: I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I stayed up late to read it all and so you made me late for work the next morning. I also am jealous of all the goodies you've been getting, free or not. We hardly have any of those over here in Canada and my local options for healthy food/ingredients are very much lacking. You did inspire me to track down some Clif bars though and I likey! I haven't found the one with the Macadamia nuts though.

Since you owe me for making me late to work, when I'm in your neck of the woods, I'm gonna come a-knockin' for some hummus and bars! Just kidding :)

Keep up the great blog!

MizFit said...

I LOVE YOUBARS and havent had a chance to check out their shakes yet.

Im a sucka for things formulated 'just for me' :)

lesley said...

I've never tried Youbars and You-anythings, ha, but I've been seeing them around and I'm loving them! I really love how you can make them what you want them to be, that's awesome. I'd definitely like to give them a try sometime.

Ha, and that chocolate from Spain reminds me ... I had a spanish teacher from Spain in high school and I remember her talking about those chocolates and she compared them to pop rocks!! But she never brought us any or anything, lol.

Diana said...

domifc, Thanks for stopping by and reading...the whole blog! While I'm sorry I made you late for work (and that I made you suffer in envy of my goodies), any blogger worth her salt should be delighted to have had that effect, so it totally makes my day to know that at least one person is enjoying the fruits and vegetables of my (non)labor. Hope to see you back here again!

Dori said...

They have the poprocks chocolate in Israel, too! It is very popular there.

Your YouBars sound delicious, especially the brownie batter tasting one. I've got the awesome almonds, so far tried the vanilla cinnamon and they were great. I'm scared of the orange since I don't like orange flavored things, but I', excited for the cocoa java!

RunToFinish said...

I am so in love with works perfectly for the green smoothies that I do. And hello Newmans Mint O's are the bomb...I just wrote about them today! I love all these healthy treats!

Julie said...

I have those You Shakes too! Do they really taste good with water? Or should I dabble with soy milk? I've been waiting to try one but I didn't want to "waste" a meal hahahaha. I'm glad you tried the choc bar I def need to try that soon!

Missy said...

Good to know that the You Shakes are good! I wil try mine tomorrow if I wake up in time after that Shred! I still need to try the banana flavor at Jamba but they are always out! So weird! And I need that zucchini sandwich that you got!! YUM! I also love what you did with those puffins. I love when they melt in my milk but I never tried microwaving them!!

melissa said...

you are one popular product lady! All your eats look insanely delicious. I really like the nuked puffin idea. oh, and I may be hikin up to tarallucci for lunch soon!

Elina said...

I love all the customized products out there! Youbars and youshakes sound awesome!
Your zucchini sandwich looks divine!! :)