March 16, 2009

Accomplished Eaters

Sunday was nothing short of an embarrassment of riches. Rich food, that is. The boyf got us tickets to an afternoon concert at Lincoln Center, and of course, we planned the day's itinerary around our meals.

I rose bright and early and did some warm-up (stomach) stretches with a wee snack plate:

Along with my coffee, I had strawberries, a couple medjool dates with almond butter and the raw macaroon samples from One Lucky Duck, courtesy of Melissa. The chocolate one 'raw'ked my socks off! Oh, and I had a multivitamin that wasn't supposed to actually be in the photograph.

I hustled into the city after a quick shower and met the boyf for brunch at Angelica. It was high time he experienced the insane goodness for himself. At my suggestion, he ordered the Ole Man Seitan burrito, which is what I ordered when I dined there for the first time. I ordered from the daily specials menu, and I can't remember what they called it...but it had some cutesy name that didn't do much to describe the phenomenon that ended up on my plate.

HOT POT OF COFFEE was this ever delicious. It was similar to a pot pie, I suppose - the top and bottom crusts were made of a maize masa, I believe, and the filling was a spicy stew of seitan and roasted veggies. Sort of what I would imagine Mayan cuisine to be, not that I'm any expert on indigenous Latin American gastronomy...

Don't think I didn't lick my plate clean, either.

And just because we were in the neighborhood, we had to pay our respect to the cakes at Atlas. Not like a trip there would ever be premeditated when I'm involved. ;) Mine was the S'mores (foreground) and his was the Hazelnut (background).

The boyf's cake kicked my cake's booty, big time. Don't think I didn't lick my plate clean again anyway, though. :)

We did our best impression of cultured audience members once seated in Avery Fisher Hall up at Lincoln Center, but I have to admit that the food coma overtook me during one piece. Unfortunately, it was the one dedicated to a couple of cancer survivors. Who were playing in the symphonic band on stage at the moment. And the composer was in the audience. DOH!

The concert was great overall, though, and if you ever have a chance to listen to the choral works of Eric Whitacre, I recommmend doing so.

We made a valiant effort towards digestion during and after the concert, but inevitably, 5 o'clock rolled around. In our world, when strolling Lincoln Center at that hour on a Sunday evening, it can only mean one thing, and that thing is not happy hour. It's a reservation at Rosa Mexicano. There may or may not have been margaritas involved, but that's a minor detail. :)

If you've ever been to one of Rosa Mexicano's locations, you know that it's not a dinner worth having unless you get the guacamole, which they make tableside in a molcajete and then put the whole thing down in front of you with fresh chips and handmade tortillas. That's my frozen pomegranate margarita in the foreground. It's not really a coincidence that the photo is "tipsy" itself, I guess!

I ganked a bite or two of the boyf's appetizer, which is a skillet of queso fresco with chorizo and poblano peppers, served with more handmade tortillas...holy heart attack, this stuff is good, though understandably the one plate from the whole day's worth of eats that we did NOT clean!

I was too fixated on my own plate to take a pic of the boyf's, but my entree was what I believe they call Mole de Xico, which is a set of two beef enchiladas drowned in a rather sweet mole sauce - their version has platano, raisin and hazelnut flavors. Clean plate: check.

I don't often cook meat for myself because it's expensive, a little gross, and kind of a pain in the sanitation department, so it's nice to be able to order a really great meat dish once in a while, especially when I'm at an exceptional restaurant. And only a truly exceptional restaurant would have a naked-diving-man wall fountain.

Sunday was definitely our idea of fun, and the stars don't often align so that we're able to go all out like that, so it was really big treat.

What's your idea of the perfect day? And don't try and pretend like it doesn't involves something delicious. :)

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Becca said...

I think I'm going to have to try and spend every weekend in NYC so I can get to all these great looking restaurants.

Elina said...

Ooh, I LOVE Rosa Mexicana. My husband and I saw Jay Z and Biance there once :) The guacamole is definitely awesome! I recognized that cute bowl the second I opened your post!

Anonymous said...

what a perfect way to start the day off!

MizFit said...

me? easy. husband, lifting together then a trashy movie, popcorn mixed with m&ms.


lesley said...

YUM!! All of that food looks absolutely delicious!!!! That definitely sounds like a perfect day : )

Ha, and, yes, perfect days for me pretty much always include some delicious food eaten with my husband ; )

Denise said...

Sounds like a great time! My perfect day would be going for a long run, catching up on some magazines, napping, eating crunch n munch, napping, glass of wine, more crunch n munch. I'm not that exciting...and I'm obsessed with crunch n munch.

Anonymous said...

what a great day of eats. I am glad you had fun!

Dori said...

The cakes look incredible! I am a major hazelnut cake fan so I am salivating thinking about it. And I LOVE Rosa Mexiacno -- mmmmm the guac...

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Wow Diana,
What an amazing day of eats. Again, so jealous of all the restaurants you have to choose from in NYC. I think all the options would totally overwhelmed me if I lived there. :)

I'm dying to try the raw treats from One Lucky Duck's website and guac made right at your table? Ahh, I'd be in heaven!

My perfect day would consist of sleeping in, and then having coffee with my husband followed by a late brunch. Then perhaps walking or hiking on in the warm sunshine with an early dinner while sitting outside. Perfect!

Sarah W. said...

rosa mexicana is my fav!

gucamole ONLY tastes good in a molcajete - Its on my list of things to buy :)

Anonymous said...

oooooooh thanks for alerting me to that CAKE!!!!!

and i LOVE rosa mexicano, mmmmmm. but i can never taste the pom in their margaritas, hmph!

i enjoyed angelica so much when i was there. i need to go back asap.

Diana said...

wow! all of the food looks amazing!
my perfect day involves great food, great coffee, great company. as long as those three things are present the rest doesn't matter!

Missy said...

Can I please have your smores cake? Wow!! I need to try Rosa Mexicana now!! That guac looks right up my alley!!!

Elsa said...

Sounds like such a great date! I love Rosa Mexicana....their guac and margs are heaven!
Angelica's is good too!

VeggieGirl said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! I have to try Angelica and I HAVE to agree with veggiegirl :)

Erica said...

hahahah- Love the warm up tummy stretch. VERY important. That guac looks fabulous- I love when they make it up like that. Can't wait to see who wins the granola!