February 27, 2009

Wicked Pissah

Far be it from me to keep you holding your breath (ha!), so without further ado, here are some shots of my weekend in Boston. Just in time for the weekend to roll around again!

This is Clara, my 3-year-old niece. She is looking at me all, "Aunt Di-Di, give the camera a rest, k? The paps don't leave me alone as it is."

And here she is with her mommy, aka my sistah Lane. Clara's like, "Aw mom, you make me all bashfuls...but yes I am the cutest kid in the world."

Clara eats edamame one. bean. at. a. time.

Table for one, madam? Ah, pardon me - I didn't realize Ms. Minnie Mouse would be joinng you as well.

Grown-up eats, Thai style. We had some fresh rolls (check out the pretty basil leave rolled in!), pad see EEW!, and a new (to us) dish, which was a tofu mango curry. Yum. a. doodle! Put coconut milk over anything and I'm so there.

This is Clara and me "hiding" in the corner, after we heard the garage door opening, meaning that my brother-in-law (Andre) had gotten home. Clara squealed and said we should hide and surprise him when he walked in, but...yeah that got old after about 30 seconds and by the time he actually came in we were less than stealth.

Oat-tastic breffast with real (!) maple syrup, PB, and a crumbled oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookie on top.

Clara wears a headlamp for extra safety when playing with Daddy. Can you see the high-tech lights on the brim? Cosmic playtime!

And yet another oat-tastic breffast (I was seduced by the real maple syrup). New favorite oatmeal topping: dark chocolate covered raisins! Sprinkle on top and stir in after a minute - you'll get chocolate swirls!

Me: "What are you doing, Clara?"

Clara: "I'm rowing the boat!"
Shiver me spatulas! Git yer pull-ups and swab the poop deck! Ahoy, matey! Watch where yer swingin' that spoon!

I think she has the right idea. I'm going to start blogging from my laundry basket and pretend I'm on a cruise. :)

Yay Boston!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet niece you have! Have a great weekend!