February 15, 2009

When the Valentine's Away...

...the ladies get CRUNK.

For our Valentine's evening, the roomie and I went out to dinner with a third friend and then headed to the UES for a girls-only Valentine par-tay-hay. Here we are in the kitchen with our appetizers before heading out:

We chose Madras Cafe for dinner, which is South Indian vegetarian (and certified Kosher, in case that interests you...). Being that it was my first time at this resto, I got a grand and glorious thali so I could sample a variety of what Madras has to offer. I got all kinds of great stuff, like raita, roti and sambar...and that is the extent of my Indian culinary vocabulary. On the left is a delicious eggplant (!) thingie and just below that is a veggie-soy protein korma. The reddish one at the bottom would be a dal, I think...


Madras Cafe just so happens to be next door to Atlas, so a pit stop for dessert was pretty much required. I still remember my first visit vividly, thank you very much. After no deliberation whatsoever, I ordered myself the peanut butter bomb and dove into it face first, pausing only briefly to snap a wonk pic:

Despite a kickin' food baby, finishing this off was worth every bite. Digesting it was pretty much my cardio for the day.

A couple stops up the 6 line brought us to our friend's place for the aforementioned par-tay-hay. Behold the spread that awaited us!

And that's only half of it! Needless to say, I was in no position to consume more cake and frosting at this point (I put one M&M in my mouth and it was just a bad decision). Didn't stop me from enjoying a glass of white, though!

We had a grand girlie time, no boys allowed. There was plenty of energetic Since-You-Been-Gone-ing, Dream-Lover-ing and even some Notorious-B.I.G.-ing. I think that was the point when I realized this party wasn't messing around. Our hostesses were unexpectedly gangsta.

Safe to say, good times were had by all!

And don't think there wasn't a full-on Sasha Fierce-style Single Ladies reenactment, accompanied by the actual music video. I have it recorded live-action, but I shall withold it in order to preserve the dignity of my fellow revelers. Trust me, though. Moves were busted.

This is me with one of the hostesses with the mostesses:

Ain't she a peach? She actually fed us spoonfuls of Jello shots like a mommy to a baby. That's the level of hospitality we were dealing with. Can't beat that! Don't worry, my fellow foodie bloggers, I'm sure that everything I consumed at this party was made of like, oatmeal and flax and Greek yogurt 'n' stuff...there is no way I would, say, drink blueberry vodka straight from the bottle. No way at all.

Anywhey, despite not getting to bed until 3am and waking up at 8am (damn you, body clock!), I'm thankfully without hangover (if one could possibly be hungover from one glass of wine, 2 Jello spoons and a tiny sip of blueberryvodkaImeanhempmilk). Just dealing with a massive case of the droopy eyes. A lazy Sunday is just what the doctor ordered! Hope you had a fun night too!