February 7, 2009

Use It or Lose It: Deconstructed Leftovers

I saw He's Just Not That Into You today, and I have to say, I have rarely felt as girly as I did watching that movie because it totally made me swoon, even though it was more or less a standard, brainless rom-com. But I love that kind of junk and as long as it don't affect my knowing how to write good that's ok I'll just eat mor. :)

Here's my lunch salad!

I had salad stuff to use up, just like last week, so I built on the idea for a salad that I had last Saturday and made it a whole meal. I roasted chickpeas along with the tomatoes in olive oil, Italian herbs and parmesan, put it on top of salad greens and shredded cucumber, and made a quick tuna salad by stirring a tablespoon of hummus and a squirt of lemon juice into half a can of tuna. As an afterthought, I also sprinkled on a bit of blue cheese after I took the photo, and that added a little more zing. I love roasting things! Seriously - someone roast me up some cardboard and tell me it's eggplant. I'll probably squeal and throw my face into it.
Speaking of eggplant, the schnitzel I made this week yielded three more servings' worth of leftovers, so I figured I better eat some up tonight. But why have the same stack of veggies all over again? That's no fun! Tasty, but no fun! I had seen an idea for eggplant grilled cheese at one point, so I looked at it again and realized that I had effectively done half the work in the recipe already by making the schnitzel, so I put some cheddar between the eggplant slices and fried the "sandwiches" in their own lemon-caper sauce while I reheated the portabella cap and brussels sprouts in the oven (I will roast things til the cows come home - don't think I won't). Just for shiggs, I also heated a quarter-cup of jarred tomato sauce and filled the portabella cap with it. After a quick topping of cheese to officially parmesan-ify it, I had a fabulous dish of leftovers that was actually way better than it's original in-vege-ation (wouldn't inCARNation suggest meat?). Looks a bit different than it did on Tuesday, doesn't it?

Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese on a cold day? ...It wasn't very cold in NYC today, but we'll pretend it was because I could eat this every day of the week til those cows come home and I'm not supposed to roast things anymore. :)

Cheddar's my grilling cheese of choice, but this would have been excellent with mozzarella or provolone too! Anyway, I was too bashful to take a picture of dessert, but here's a clue: Skinny Cows were on sale at the grocery store today.

As you can tell, I've had a rough day of good eats and gooder movies, so I better pack it in. Hopefully I don't dream of vomiting bunnies again tonight. What does that mean???


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous salad!!