February 8, 2009

Ost Post

Happy Sunday, New Yorkers! It's partly cloudy and the temperature is in the high 50s. Can you think of anything better to do than get outside and try a new cafe? No? What a coinkydink! I know the perfect place: Ost Cafe. It opened in the East Village recently and has since become the it place in the area.

Meet one of your baristas! This is Alex.

I met him years ago in the marching band back at BC and danced circles around him and his saxphone many a football game. No, seriously - I was on the dance team. And as fate would have it, his now fiancee, Natalia, was my roommate senior year. Today they find themselves part-owners of Ost Cafe, and I find myself resisting the urge to leave work every day and drink one of these:

I do love me a good chai latte, and this one was really good. Along with great teas, Ost serves Intelligentsia coffee and brings in some mighty fine pastries from bakeries such as Balthazar (!).

If that's not enough to get you off your tucchus and head over there, they've also got free wi-fi (so you can keep blogging and not hyperventilate from internet withdrawal) as well as a selection of periodicals and even some books! ...Which I think you're allowed to read, but maybe you should ask Alex first.

Even rock stars like it here and can be found spontaneously bursting into song. This really did happen on the day I visited to take these pictures. That's just how Ost rolls!

It's easy to feel at home there, and you can bet that whoever made your first drink will remember what you had when you belly up to order your second.

So that's my plug for Ost Cafe. All bias aside, it's a superb little joint to take a load off and enjoy the feeling of being a hip downtownie. If you have a chance to drop in, tell Alex you read about Ost here and don't forget to stop by this vase on your way out. :)


VeggieGirl said...

Fun place!!

Lisa said...

I'm a college girl in Ohio, and there's a coffeeshop that's like Ost's small-town cousin. It's called Donkey Coffee, but most people just say, "I'm going to Donkey."

Erica said...

I would spend every morning in this place! Love the layout and that they have wifi! Drinks look amazing. Thanks for the great review- very cool that you know the owners

Have a good day now :)

MizFit said...

I seriously live vicariously...

Danielle said...

That place looks great! I would totally and completely spend every morning there if I could, especially if it meant I'd be surrounded by friends. Guess I'm going to have to peep in when I get back to the states :)