February 2, 2009

Healthy Lazy

Sorry the blog is so wonky, but I am still tinkering. Nonetheless, it is lunch time for Diana.

I will admit to keeping a couple frozen entrees on hand at all times, because sometimes I need to have the option of not preparing a bento to take to work, and getting expensive take-out makes me feel like I'm peeing money (and not doing anything nutritious for my system, for that matter).

That said, I'm pretty discriminating in my choice of frozen food, because it is notorious for containing thousands of unpronounceable ingredients and a day's worth of sodium. This usually limits me to the Kashi entrees, which is fine with me, but as a second choice, I will buy Lean Cuisines from their Spa Cuisine Classics line because they generally contain whole grain starches and more veggies than their other varieties (they also go on sale more often!). If I'm going to go lazy for lunch, this option is not half bad.

On today's plate is the Salmon Mediterranean, which is a first for me. It tasted just like its description, which was salmon with zucchini and olives in a garlic tomato sauce over whole wheat vermicelli. I was not bowled over with deliciousness, but it was a totally satisfying lunch and for that it gets perfectly average props. That combined with an impressively short ingredient list (relatively speaking) made for guilt-free desk dining.

Also, have I ever mentioned that I am addicted to Green & Black's 70% dark chocolates? They are a perfect bite-size dessert for lunch every day and I luuuuuuuuuurrvvves 'em. A day without chocolate is a sad day indeed.


Missy said...

I love those dark chocolates too! So perfect for sweet cravings!