February 11, 2009

Butterface Burger

They can't all be winners, kids.

In keeping with my creative streak from this morning, I decided I wanted to make a homemade veggie burger for dinner. I roasted some chickpeas and combined them into a patty with feta, spinach, hummus and a bit of egg white to hold it together, which I then cooked on the stovetop. Turns out super glue probably wouldn't have held it together, so flawed was my concept. I won't bother detailing the process, I'll just improve on it next time and let you know how it goes.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the word "butterface," this is a rather cruel term used most often by guys trying to describe a girl who is attractive, but not the, ahem, whole package. "Her body was hot but 'er face was not." Think Sarah Jessica Parker. From a girl's perspective, I might put Michael Phelps in this category. I know it's harsh, but let's be honest here.

As I plated my dinner, butterface was precisely the word that came to mind as the best description. It actually tasted pretty darn good! I dunked the disintegrating veggie burger in some honey mustard and had some roasted butternut squash "fries" on the side, with a couple pickles to complete my froufified diner meal. However, aesthetically appealing it was not. I promise, the b'nut fries weren't even burnt - they just darkened up crazy fast. Oh well, it had a good personality.

All was redeemed by dessert. I picked up some Peanut Butter Puffins cereal on sale at Whole Foods today, so I tasted a couple when I got home and immediately I heard Steve Irwin's (RIP) Crocodile-Hunting voice resounding in my head, "Dainjah, dainjah, dainjah!!!" Why didn't anyone warn me how ridiculously delicious this cereal is?! Its tastiness is not confined to the cereal and milk routine, either. They could easily inflict as much damage on their own, just dry. I managed to restrain myself until after dinner, though, when I put 'em in a bowl with some applesauce and peanut butter.

My tummy, she is a'puffin out with peanutbutterface goodness.


Anonymous said...

Even if they didn't hold together, the flavor combination sounds incredible!

Erica said...

I'm more about taste than look and this sound super yummy! Glad you enjoyed it. I heard the puffins are on sale at WFs! I gotta go pick some up!!

Erica said...

PS I much prefer watching lost a la the dvds but I'm so addicted that I cannot wait!

Lane said...

Um, yeah...about the PB Puffins...I have a story... one time I babysat for one of my friend's little kids and after she was in bed and I was watching their tv, well, I had a snack attack. So I foraged thru their kitchen and found the Puffins. Let's just say I had to promise to get them a new box when they got home that night. Ummmm, ummmm, good!

Anonymous said...

haha you're too funny. michael phelps is DEF a buttaface! and i just bought my first two boxes of puffins (pb and plain) this week and i just can't stop the crunching- they're dangerous!