February 3, 2009

Still Lazy

Today I present you with particularly poor examples of cell phone photography. This does fit in with my recent lazy theme, however.

Nothing so very exciting on the menu today thus far, but I realized that it was because I had chosen 'convenience' foods of one sort or another and added things to pimp my plate, nutritionally speaking. And all with tasty results, might I add, so I'll post a couple here for sharing's sake.

The picture above is breakfast, which was a packet of the Kashi Go Lean Hearty Honey Cinnamon hot cereal, and I stirred in some frozen organic mixed berries from Whole Foods. As the berries thaw during the microwaving process, a lot of the juice comes out and adds a nice flavor throughout. For toppings, I had some almonds, flax and pom seeds. Plenty of crunch going on here!

The snack was just a cup of fat free plain yogurt, but it was extra decadent with the mix-ins: walnuts, carob chips and shredded coconut. I also stirred in a sprinkle of Stevia, but I can't decide how I feel about it. It did make it sweet and dessert-y, but I have had some mildly unpleasant side effects after consuming it, ranging from a tummy ache to a racing heart. It's supposed to be a better calorie-free sweetener option than the known offenders of Splenda, Sweet n' Low, etc., but I wonder if it's really safe. I don't consume it often enough to let it bother me, but I'm curious - has anyone else had any experiences with Stevia worth sharing?

Anyway, I hereby declare today the day of the mix-ins (I even stirred oyster crackers into my soup at lunch!). We'll see if I keep it up at dinner time...


Missy said...

Good to know about Stevia. I have only tried it once so far but was going to try it again. Maybe I will think twice about this now. The others really bother my tummy like sorbitol in gum. Not fun!