January 24, 2009

Happy Veating!

I have renewed excitement about blogging lately, and since I have the time today, I might as well take advantage and post my heart out! Just for shiggles! We'll see how long I can keep this up.

After munching on a couple dates and green tea, I kicked off the day (literally) with the SELF Your Best Butt Fast! workout DVD. I've done other videos with Violet Zaki as the the instructor and I kinda like her, with her Aussie/Kiwi/random-South-Pacific accent and all. I especially like the "uh HUH!" she does during the harder moves - it always makes me giggle.
Breakfast was appropriately bootylicious, consisting of the following:

Flax Plus Fig Waffles with PB and Spicy Maple Fig Sauce; plain yogurt with strawberries; coffee

If you use your imagination, the waffles do kinda look like a pair of nalgas...

Just in case you missed it, I love figs, so MAN was I excited when I spotted the Spicy Maple Fig Sauce at Whole Foods. It has chili pepper in it! Just enough zing to be more fun than regular jam, and sweetened only by the maple syrup. Mmmmfiggitywiggitywiggies...

There is a vegan restaurant right across the street from me, so to continue with my veggie adventures, I decided to treat myself to Vegetarian Ginger for lunch. What a bargain! $6 will get you one of their lunch specials, which includes a choice of soup, entree and their red & brown rice. I chose Miso soup to start...

And then my entree arrived. I have a new love, and its name is seitan.
This is the Black Pepper Seitan (steamy!), which is served over Chinese broccoli.

This dish definitely made my nose run a bit, but I enjoyed every bite. I must be feeling very spicy today! I give this restaurant kudos for capturing great Asian flavors while keeping the food light and healthy tasting. Definitely not your average greasy Chinese take-out joint. The decor in the restaurant itself is not inspiring, but the food and the value make it worth coming back again and again, for take-out/delivery if nothing else.

When I finished my entree, I was at that perfect stage of full, but not to the point of having a food baby in my belly, so dessert had not even crossed my mind, other than perhaps a chai latte from Starbucks (my other current obsession apart from vegetarian food...and another spicy flavor!). However, when the waiter placed a dessert menu in front of me bearing the words "Peanut Butter Bomb," I had to give in and have a try. No vegan experience is complete without tofu frosting, right?

I wasn't blown away or anything, but the cake lived up to its name - peanut buttery creaminess in every bite! At the time, I felt all self-righteous in my will power to eat only half and take the rest home, but suffice it to say that right now there is no Peanut Butter Bomb in my fridge.

Since I had such a decadent lunch, I figured I'd keep it light for dinner and make a soup from scratch, as long as I had the time to do it. I used a recipe for Tomato Lentil Soup that I found on FitSugar (not sure the recipe's still on the site, though), and it's a good thing it turned out well because I am going to be eating it for-ev-er.

It had better freeze well! For dinner, I paired it with a piece of TJ's whole wheat naan, which is pillowy and a delicious sopper-upper for soups. And of course, my requisite seltzer with lime.

This recipe calls for too much fresh parsley for my taste - it overpowered the flavors in the soup that I like much better (wine...cloves...tomatoes...wine...). Next time, I would substitute Italian herbs, or just oregano.

So that's all I've got for today. Blogging is exhausting! Don't think I didn't do things other than eat and blog today, either (though I know it's not beyond the realm of possibility). The apartment got cleaned, groceries got bought, emails returned, etc. I'm willing to bet no one wants to hear about me cleaning the toilet, however. I have some adventures planned for tomorrow, so hopefully some more pictures find their way here in the very near future!