January 30, 2009

Fuggedaboutit Friday: Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza

I have declared a moratorium against cooking on Friday nights. This means dinner options are pretty much limited to going out, ordering in or digging into Magical Freezer Land, keeper of many delights old and forgotten, yet miraculously fresh once thawed and/or heated.

Tonight, the freezer fairies were kind enough to deliver me Kashi's new thin crust Mexicali Black Bean Pizza! I'd never had this one before and was admittedly dubious (I like pizza the way Italian God intended it - tomato sauce, cheese and maybe some toppings), but I always give Kashi the benefit of the doubt. They have a free pass with me - I trust their ingredients and have loved all their products with few exceptions. Indeed, I think I've tried them all, though in the cereal department I'm a regular (ha!) Go Lean girl all the way. (Lane calls it Kashi Go Poop for good reason. TMI? Sorry.)

Anykashi, I actually liked this one a LOT! The toppings were way more generous on this pizza than they are on their other pizza varieties, in my experience. The tomatillos were a nice surprise - that is one deliciousness I didn't even know I liked! In place of tomato sauce was a mildly spicy black bean sauce, and along with the mozzarella and jack cheeses, there was abundant tastiness to behold. Look at all those peppers!

I really like Kashi's thin crust pizzas (as opposed to the regular crust). Besides just looking bigger, the thin pizza crusts tend to have a stronger whole grain flavor, if you ask me. Probably because it gets crispier and stronger tasting after being in the oven. The Roasted Vegetable thin crust Kashi pizza is my long-standing favorite.

And in my world, there is one drink and one drink only to beverate upon when eating pizza, and that is Diet Coke. Bad girl, I know, but considering it's a twice-weekly vice, I'm not gonna beat myself up too hard.

Poured into my Boston College graduation pint glass for extra spirit (and by spirit I do not mean there was rum in there...but that would have been a good idea).

I love that you can sort of convince yourself you're eating health food with the Kashi pizzas. However, in order for it to stay healthy in the nutrition department, you're pretty much limited to a third of the total. I defy anyone to eat less than the whole thing at once, though. That whole pie is currently marinating in my digestive juices. Bottom line: if things like off-the-charts sodium counts don't bother you, a Kashi pizza is the perfect go-to for a no-cook weekend night. There's always a spare in my freezer!

Excuse me, nature calls.


Lane said...

You make frozen pizza and a can of soda sound delish!