January 29, 2009

Eggs in Bloom

Guten morgen! I decided to switch it up today and have a savory breakfast, which I prepared in one of my Fit n' Fresh 'bentos' last night (not photo-worthy at the time), and as I unpacked it at work this morning I thought I might share its contents, which sure are preferable to an Egg McMuffin in the nutrition department (says I...).

The star here is my creation (glorified omelette), the 'egg flower,' which gets its shape from an adorable flower shaped omelette pan I picked up in Tokyo - for me, this is the key to a portable egg breakfast that reheats well in the morning. You can cook this in any small skillet, though, by whisking together one egg (or 1/4 cup liquid egg whites for less calories/fat, though this caused the overflow or 'leaves' as seen above), some frozen chopped spinach and about an ounce of reduced fat feta cheese. I sandwiched it bewteen two slices of TJ's light whole wheat bread and a schmear of hummus. With a couple sections of grapefruit and a cup of loose green tea (also from Japan - I will have to share my cute tea apparatus with you sometime, which is sure to produce groans and eye-rolling), this breakfast is a rock star in the satisfaction department.

I have also done egg flowers with other mix-ins - it's great fun to get creative here. Past combos include spinach and parmesan; or salsa (in the egg mixture) and guacamole (on the bread). Anything's fair game as long as it fits in the little pan! Obviously, I still have trouble with this...

Tummy rumblings, I smite thee with my egg flower.