January 28, 2009

Chai Time for Breakfast

Keeping with my current chai obsession, I had to share with you this fantastic breakfast idea: Chai Spiced Polenta! The polenta is a great oatmeal/hot cereal alternative, and when cooked in milk with some agave and chai spices, this breakfast will definitely wake you up! The picture above is not glamorous, but such is the limitation of blogging from the phone.

I stirred in some mango chunks and unsweetened coconut. Tealicious!

(Chef's note: if using ground ginger instead of fresh, as I did, you might want to reduce the quantity to about half...suffice it to say this batch is kind of blowing my head off, but it's all good - I like things spicy these days! This also freezes well, so you can enjoy it for many moons.)