January 31, 2009

Use It or Lose It: Side Salad

This is a bad picture, but this is also sort of a last-minute post. I wanted to use the rest of my portobello tuna melt ingredients (see Wednesday) for lunch, but I realized I also had some cherry tomatoes, cucumber and (used-to-be) fresh basil that would go bad if I didn't use it today. I decided to give Roni's recipe for Simply Roasted Cherry Tomatoes a try, since it was inspired by a need to use it or lose it.

I will definitely return to this recipe because its premise is a great way to use any veggies that aren't pretty enough anymore to eat raw. It tasted GREAT! It was warm Italian-flavored goodness that I placed atop a bed of some of the basil leaves and cucumber, which I julienned first with my mandoline slicer.

What a healthy lunch! And easy too. Now where did I put that chocolate...?


Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

Mmmmmmmmmonom, the salad looks good!