August 17, 2008

More Neighborhood Fun

I love Brooklyn Heights - not only is it one of the best locations in New York, but we have all kinds of claims to fame lately, not the least of which are Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty filming in the area. My two favorite shows! I can only hope for a sighting sometime soon.

Anyway, I was watching Moonstruck the other night over a hearty plate of pizza (what else?), and I began to recognize Brooklyn Heights in many of the scenes, which I never had before, as the last time I watched it I believe I was still living in rural China. So when Cher named the house's location as Cranberry Street, I was inordinately excited. What else to do but go find it?!

Turns out it's right where they say it is, at 19 Cranberry Street - no Hollywood sets in this case! Here's the picture I took.

Don't believe me? This house actually changed hands recently - check it out:
That's amore.


Natalia said...

I was attacked by gossip girl fans and crew members recently at Columbia...I've run into that crew a couple of times

Diana said...

And yet even living in Brooklyn Heights I cannot run into a celebrity or movie/TV crew for the life of me! Damn that desk job!

Water Lion said...

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