April 8, 2008

No Love for Eggplant

I'm fairly certain that there is no one I know who shares my passion for eggplant. Now, if the reason for this was because for most people, eggplant conjures visions of the above, perhaps I would understand. I know better, however, and I would propose that the reason so many Americans are disenchanted with the greatest of purple foods is because we as a culture do not know how to prepare it.

Having lived in China, I do believe I have realized and enjoyed eggplant's full potential. Being that its texture is so spongy, eggplant absorbs whatever it's cooked in, and the Chinese use an endless array of delicious sauces to take advantage of that fact. This plus copious amounts of oil tends to make it go down pretty easy.

When cooked improperly, eating eggplant pretty much feels like gnawing on living flesh. In light of this unfortunate fact, I would like to share with you the following website, dedicated entirely to eggplants - it has thousands of recipes, pictures, even eggplant jigsaw puzzles!

It's aubergine-ious.