February 25, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Ok, day of shopping highs.

Am feeling quite self-satisfied because I have managed to purchase myself a fantastic new pair of Vans for the low low price of $20--who knew ShoeMania would have a Vans clearance today??? Jeff Spicoli, that's who. Honestly, it's a good thing I have vintage 1981 Sean Penn guiding my fashion sense. Otherwise I'd look REALLY weird!

Also put one of my worries to rest, which was obtaining a dresser for the new bedroom. Another stroke of luck: the "Mission" dresser from Target (which matches my "Mission" desk and "Mission" filing cabinet) was on sale today too! Special Dude made my day by driving me to buy it and helping me deliver it to the new place. "Mission" accomplished.

Well, poop--I'm gonna have to make up something to complain about. Oh wait, I thought of something: JT and Kate Hudson? Love child? Oh, the humanity! (Finally, something to talk about!)

In the meantime, a random morsel of cute:


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