February 28, 2008

It is alive!

Yesterday, out of the clear blue sky, I got an email from Erma--she's in NYC! In town for a visit to her sister at Columbia! Day = made.

So tonight I got to have dinner with the lady herself, as well as her sister. SO good to catch up and realize that she is in fact still among the living. Reuniting with friends you haven't seen in a while makes you want to stay in touch better, which I realize I don't do very well, except for a select few, and actually, they're mostly family, which doesn't count in the same way...I mean, I need to make sure I'm not written out of the will or anything.

Therefore, I hereby do put in writing that I resolve to get back in touch with the many who have fallen into the black vortex of...not-in-touch-ness. Even if they have no desire to return the favor, I shall not be the one who dropped the proverbial ball. So it is written, so it shall be fun.

I declare my first act of fixing not-in-touch-ness to be the Great Epic Mod 20B Easter Bunny Reunion 2008. If Jesus managed to be resurrected, then gosh darn it, so can a half-dozen college roommates.


AND I sold my bed and headboard! Now, on to a slightly more bummerific weekend.


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