February 24, 2008

I have a blog?

Apparently I only post when manically happy or crying hysterically. Fortunately, today I find myself in neither state, but merely remembering that I have a poor, neglected blog collecting dust on the world wide interweb. Took a browse through the last handful of postings and could only conclude that I must have seemed very unhappy!

We all know, however, that I'm not the biggest fan of airing my dirty laundry or staging pity parties via the blog, so right now I would like to briefly atone for my self-published cheese and whine with a 100-words-or-less laundry list of what happened in the last 4 months or so...
  1. Bed bugs seem to be long gone to the big bed in the sky, praise be to all things holy

  2. Started dating a Special Dude

  3. BC won the Notre Dame game (and a bowl game in January)

  4. Spent Christmas and New Year's on a 2-week tour of India with the parents (Namaste!)

  5. Completed my first company trip, a 10-day tour of Turkey (Merhaba!)

  6. Signed a lease for a new apartment in Brooklyn Heights, praise be again to all things holy

  7. Enjoyed a fantastic Valentine's Day and weekend in Hamburg, Germany with aforementioned Special Dude (Guten Morgensteinwienerschnitzelberg!)

Now for the laundry list of what I will do in the next week alone:

  1. Pick up keys to new Brooklyn Heights apartment

  2. Sell all current and accursed (though not infested!) furniture

  3. Buy glorious new furniture for little or no money

  4. Shampoo the ick out of my rugs

  5. Attend grandmother's funeral in Virginia on day when I should be moving all of the above to the new apartment

  6. Move all of the above (minus funeral) to the new apartment

  7. Realize I have little fundage to actually execute all of the above

  8. Freak out

The glory of being 24 in New York is truly unparalleled, but at least it'll put some hair on your chest (something I've always longed for).

I do realize that I have now succeeded in whining a little more, and yeah this post was motivated by a need to vent, but allow me to conclude that while I'm feeling the tumult of a canvas sneaker in the permanent press cycle of the dryer (ooh, our new building has laundry in-house, PS!), I anticipate the comfort of the air fluff before too much longer, once the lint settles, that is.

Looking forward to posting more frequently! I have something a-brewing in my mindbrain, which requires more writing than I do right now...


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