April 15, 2007

I live in New York City

It's been a few minutes since I last updated this thing, so I'm feeling like I should throw a few nuggets of info in here for the odd soul who might actually read it.

I do now find myself gainfully employed in the luxury travel industry, and it's a real treat - who wouldn't want to learn about travel and culture and cuisine all day, honestly? And I get to write, so it's a great fit for me: interest plus (potential) skill. Plus, I work in Manhattan, and I have indeed come to the conclusion that New York City is the center of the universe. Sure, there are many fantastic places in the world, but nothing's like New York (says the girl who can be quoted as saying that NYC is a great place to visit, but she could never live there - it's just that in my efforts to get the world to revolve around me, moving here was the best I could do). That said, the place where I hang my hat at the end of the day is actually in Brooklyn. I think what I meant when I so famously said I could never live in New York was that I could never live in Manhattan. Brooklyn is another animal entirely, with its own culture, its own vibe, and restaurants that you can eat in without being elbowed out of the way by some B-list celebrity (on that subject, sightings to date include Chris "Mr. Big" Noth, Freddy Rodriguez and Rue McClanahan). Still, nowhere else in the world (and I've been a few places) do I get stopped on the street during a normal day at work to be interviewed for Japanese TV regarding my thoughts on Johnny Depp, or photographed by a boutique owner because she loved my skirt (check out www.petria.com and click on Blog - I'm Day 209).

Now that I live in Brooklyn, I feel like I finally have my life back. When I first started my job in October, I was still living at home in Stamford, commuting back and forth every day (which adds up to 4 hours daily, door to door). THAT was lame - now I have the coolest apartment in Park Slope with Sonia, my partner in crime from way back in the Sacred Heart days, and we're having a lot of fun. She, like me, was commuting from CT since she started her job (on the same day I started mine - WEIRD!), so now that we actually have time in the day when we're not working or commuting, we're totally overwhelmed by all the great things to do around here! So overwhelmed, in fact, that we had to make a spreadsheet so that we could map out all the different things we want to make sure we do in New York. Nerdy? Yes. But admit it, it's secretly such a good idea. It definitely doesn't take much to upgrade your social life when it previously consisted of seeing a movie on Saturday afternoons at the Stamford Mall, so we're milking it for all it's worth. I've even started Latin Ballroom classes! Which is not at ALL related to the fact that my favorite show right now is Dancing with the Stars, but you didn't hear it from me...

So if you ever find yourself in Manhattan, take 15 minutes to hop over to Brooklyn. It won't be the area's best kept secret for much longer. We got a great deal on our apartment, but in a couple more years, fuggedaboutit - you'll be lucky to afford a slice of pizza.