August 4, 2006

Power Play

Judging from a certain recent incident, I have to believe that somewhere along the line I was led astray on my path to religious conviction. I grew up going to a Presbyterian church sporadically, but in fact was never baptised as such. Still, I've spent 11 years in Catholic education and can be pretty sure that at the very least I do believe in some Higher Power. That said, I think someone neglected to inform me of the Higher Power Ranger. There's a Shinto shrine next door to my apartment building here in Tokyo, and on my way home one day this week, I was confronted with the following:

Since making this discovery, I've been making regular pilgrimages to this site and confessing my sins, such as malicious thoughts of Skeletor, failing to obey Captain Planet (sometimes I don't recycle), and occasionally abusing the power of x-ray vision. I'm so relieved to finally be free of 23 years' worth of heretical ways.