August 3, 2006

Big Fish

I commute an hour and a half each way to camp every day. In most respects, this commute is fairly unremarkable. I take 3 different trains and do about 15 minutes of walking on both ends of the train travel. I enjoy it because while I'm walking, I can listen to some choice tunes on my iPod, and catch up on some fun reading while riding the trains. Repeating this routine every day makes deviations from it stand out, so you can imagine my surprise when I passed a giant in the train station today.

"Giant what?" you're thinking.

Just that. A giant. I'm guessing he must have been about 8 feet tall, because I was pretty much eye level with his waistline. I tried to be tactful and not stare, but it's hard not to when you're faced with something straight out of a tall tale, except he was dressed for work and carrying a briefcase. He even had sort of a skip-drag gait, which only added to the rather fantastical figure he cut. The fact that I saw a real giant (if there even is such a thing medically defined) is made even more fascinating when you consider that he's Japanese. Now, I'm 5'5" and just about eye to eye with most men here, so basically I'm forced to conclude that this guy was Godzilla. They say there's a natural explanation for all those myths and tall tales like the Loch Ness monster and Abominable Snowman and stuff, so I'm guessing some Sarary Man here in Tokyo had a few too many at the izakaya after work one evening, saw this giant on his commute home, mistook him for a huge, belligerant lizard, deemed him "Godzirra," and, well, the rest is history. Simple mistake. Glad I can put that misunderstanding to bed for the rest of the world now.

And by the way, I've also seen the Abominable Snowman during my commute. Twice, actually. Except in real life, he's a lanky albino in Hugo Boss suits and a head full of bushy white hair. Abominable he is not, though he does remind me of that creepy Opus Dei character from the Da Vinci Code, minus that whole self-flagellation thing.